July 15, 2018, San Clemente – Mehdi “Eddie” Ghassemi, the owner of the Valero station on Estrella and Palizada has been collecting donations during the month of May since 2013 through a “1¢ Per Gallon” campaign. The annual month of giving has not only raised several thousands of dollars for the Friends of San Clemente Foundation, but has greatly raised awareness of how the Foundation uses these funds toward the town’s parks and recreation programs.

This year’s donation was just a few bits shy of $3,000 and those funds will be used toward scholarships for children to register for classes and sports though the City’s park and recreation department, as well as the summer Swim and Learn program, Fun on the Run after school program and numerous other activities that resonate a healthy lifestyle for our children.

“It is such an honor that Eddie and Valero chose the Friends of San Clemente as the main focus of their charitable generosity,” stated Friend’s President John Dorey. “Especially when Eddie is in the midst of remodeling his station to enhance a main corner appearance on your way off the freeway onto our town’s main public thoroughfare to the beaches and pier. He has a long road ahead of him, and we’re so grateful that he continues to put our organization a priority.”

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