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As an Adult Computer Learning Center, San Clemente’s Cybercafé is dedicated to help adults and seniors learn to use a computer for enjoyment, to simplifier common tasks in their lives, and browse the Internet to shop, communicate, gather information and socialize. In keeping with this objective, our classes focus on the use of computers and communication technologies to accomplish the typical tasks that the general consumer is interested in. As examples, our students learn to organize and touch up photos, send and receive them in email, share them on the internet, learn how to use a word processor program such as Microsoft Word, and manage personal and financial records. We also emphasize the importance of learning the operating system (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7). Learning how to use the operating system goes a long way toward avoiding frustration and having to kick the computer. We do not cover Apple operating systems.

All of our instructors, coaches and workshop leaders are volunteers. Each class has an instructor, a coach and varies in size from four to ten students.

In its short history, since July 2002, Cybercafé has taught over 2700 adults/seniors. Though we are located in San Clemente, many of our students are from the neighboring cities. Our facility is maintained by volunteers and we are supported by the San Clemente Parks, Beaches, and Recreation Foundation,

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Visit our “Did you know this?” page by clicking here. It presents hints and “how to” information of general interest. We update it periodically as we learn about the needs of our students.

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